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Better Than a Hotel

Much More Than Just a Room

At Rental Relocation, we greet our guests with “Welcome Home” because staying with us in temporary housing is about as close to home as you can be. The size of our accommodations, the kitchen and a lock on the door are just a few of the reasons that our clients choose us over a hotel when they need short or long-term furnished housing.

A side-by-side comparison of an average hotel room to our one-bedroom apartment tells the simple story. For about the same price per day, you are afforded more space, more amenities and more comfort by staying in a corporate apartment rather than a cramped hotel room. Plus, our accommodations offer a full-sized kitchen and a washer and dryer to provide the comforts and conveniences of home.

Typical Hotel FloorplanTypical One Bedroom Corporate Apartment Home

Our clients tell us that choosing a corporate apartment is the clear decision and working with Rental Relocation is the easiest way to find their perfect solution for temporary housing no matter where they need to be.

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