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Customized Solutions

Meeting Your Unique Needs

Over the years, Rental Relocation has reserved temporary accommodations for many different needs. Sometimes, the requests we receive are quite unique and require specific solution-oriented thinking to welcome our clients to their ideal home. Our Reservation Specialists spend hours dedicated to meeting the needs of a single client, ensuring that the temporary accommodations that they find are the perfect fit for that individual.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the walls of typical corporate apartments and we go to great lengths to keep our customers in mind during the reservation process. Our job is to provide temporary living options that allow you to choose which best fit your needs.

Remote Locations

This by far is our most requested search requirement. Remote may simply mean just outside of a metro area or a location that is truly off the beaten path. We take pride in the time and effort that our Reservation Specialists put into finding the solutions for these types of requests. We have reserved homes, condos or less traditional options that have met our clients’ needs in what would have otherwise been an impossible situation.

Specific School District Requirements

We know that our clients are sometimes traveling with family. Rental Relocation understands the importance of making that transition as easy as possible and often times that means finding the perfect school that meets your family’s expectations. Some school districts may not have traditional temporary housing options, however, we strive to find solutions that offer the perfect accommodations requested school district.

Pet Restrictions

If you have a pet or your pet is not typically allowed because of its size or breed, we will search for a property that is willing to accept the furry members of your family.

Corporate or Group Moves

Rental Relocation has helped corporations and groups move to nearly every corner on the map. We understand the challenges of maximizing efficiencies when multiple people need to be in one location. We specialize in working with corporations and groups that require direct billing, multiple units at one property, roommate floor plans, multi-location moves and flexible notice to vacate terms. Our priority is to make the process seamless by providing a single point of contact throughout the process.

Luxury Accommodations

Many of our guests have required more luxurious accommodations when reserving temporary housing. We can locate and reserve upscale, furnished rentals in select locations to meet the needs of your top-level executive or simply those with more refined tastes.

What would make you feel most at home? Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate any request you may have. Visit our Contact Us page and let us know how we can make you feel more at home when you stay with Rental Relocation.