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Managing Intern Housing For Today’s Corporations

MANAGING INTERN HOUSING FOR TODAY'S CORPORATIONS © 2020 InterLink Relocation Resources. All Rights Reserved. This is an informational guide regarding college/university intern housing, and the opportunities and decisions available for them. This overview of the process of intern housing is created for companies who currently work in-house to set up housing or provide their interns with a Lump Sum payment to have them get settled on their own. This is also useful information for incoming interns and their parents, so they know what to expect from the intern experience. Please bear in mind, this is not offered to corporations, interns

WHITE PAPER: Response to an SFOs for the U.S. Military

WHITE PAPER: Delivering Responses on SFOs for the U.S. Military This week, Rental Relocation closed the book on a response to an exciting opportunity to deliver temporary housing to the U.S. Military. The Solicitation For Offers (known as "Request for Proposals" or RFP in the corporate world) took weeks of hard work on behalf of several of our team members, and we are very grateful to have had an opportunity to bid for this contract. RRI is no stranger to Government and Military SFOs – in fact, we have been a contractor for these sectors for a couple of decades.

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RRI Implements Strong Rental Cleaning Measures

Rental Relocation has been closely monitoring the latest statements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). From their recommendations, we have developed an enhanced program designed to deliver the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene possible for your Business Travelers and Global Mobility employees. Our improved, rigorous cleanliness and hygienic measures for furnished apartments and private rentals include using hospital-grade disinfectants and industrial cleaning practices, as well as applying products that are routinely recognized and trusted for their effectiveness on hard surfaces. Brands such as Lysol and Clorox products

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Consider an Alternate Plan for Your Short- or Long-Term Employee Housing

Consider an Alternate Plan for Your Short- or Long-Term Employee Housing With the current pandemic, assignees and relocating employees are no doubt feeling uncertain about their lodging choices, with the biggest question of all: "Which hotels are sanitary?" Rental Relocation has an idea that could very will save relocation transplants and business travelers considerable worry: Change from a hotel to an apartment or private rental, and let us schedule a CDC-suggested cleaning of all surfaces - including your rental furniture, bathrooms and kitchen via a pre-move-in cleaning; ongoing housekeeping services can also be added. Our primary goal is to make

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Rental Relocation Is Here For You, And Has Been For 31 Years And Counting….

RRI: We've been open for business for more than three decades. During these challenging and uncertain times for domestic and international corporations, it's comforting to know that there are still companies that are open and serving employees around the world.... Rental Relocation is one. Thanks to our investment in state-of-the-art technologies throughout the years, we are still able to serve our Global Mobility clients, Business Travelers, Interns and Government & Military personnel. Rental Relocations employees are taking calls and working online to keep businesses like yours operational. In other words, we're doing exactly what we've done for over three decades:

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