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Linda Bilderback

Linda Bilderback – Founder and CEO, Broker of Record

Linda Bilderback is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rental Relocation, Inc. Linda is accountable for the day-to-day activities of running a multi-million dollar business and is responsible for the company’s financial investments, i.e. stock investments, and real estate transactions. She also oversees the Marketing, Corporate Apartment Division, Real Estate Division, National US Government Lodging, Destination Services and Accounting.

Linda has worked in the real estate facet of relocation since 1980. Linda’s varying background in relocation includes among others, destination services, and property management, working with both national and international companies.

Linda is affiliated with various organizations and associations such as the Atlanta Apartment Association, the Employee Relocation Council, the Society of Human Resource Management, the Georgia Economic Development Association, the Corporate Housing Providers Association and various local Chambers of Commerce.

Linda delights in following the stock market, traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.