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Daryl Bilderback

Daryl Bilderback - Director of Information Technology

As Director of Information Technology for Rental Relocation, Daryl Bilderback has been an essential backbone in the success of the company. As a part-owner of this family based company, Daryl assisted in the development of Rental Relocation in 1989 prior to acquiring his education. Daryl has advanced the technological standards providing more innovative systems and software to better operate the rapid growth of the company. Furthermore, he administered the identification and design of the new websites presenting an accurate representation of each organizational essence.

In addition to information technology, Daryl has been an indispensable influence in employee benefits. An organization will not succeed without a strong team, and he does embrace and believe that fundamental principle. He researched numerous benefits to provide the best for all employees, concentrating in multiple healthcare options. Daryl strategically selected cost-effective and respected programs that best suited all employee needs.

Prior to Daryl’s move back to Rental Relocation, information technology was his main specification. He established and advanced his career in enterprise infrastructure management, software development, systems analysis, information security and identity and access management. His vast employment experience has greatly facilitated the quick and secure software, server and computer systems built for Rental Relocation.

Daryl graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology with his certification in computer information systems and advanced his education encompassing multiple facets of information technology.

As dedicated to Rental Relocation as he is, Daryl stays true to his aspirations which are his wife and children, cooking, gardening, snowboarding and is an avid saltwater aquarium hobbyist.