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Home Conditioning Checklist


Note: For your convenience, you can print this page by clicking on the print link at the top right hand corner of this page.


_______ Trim lawn, shrubs and trees
_______ Edge walks
_______ Clean or paint front door
_______ Clean outside light fixtures
_______ Add flowering pot or door decoration
_______ Fix the doorbell
_______ Keep walks clear of ice and snow


_______ Sweep the floor
_______ Remove the cobwebs
_______ Clean oil stains
_______ Hang tools/place on shelves
_______ Put in bright overhead bulb
_______ Make sure there is room to park a car

Throughout the House

_______ Clean carpets, wax floors
_______ Wash windows, clean blinds
_______ Create space – store extra furniture
_______ Scale down/remove family photos
_______ Organize closets and cupboards
_______ Remove cobwebs, etc. from light fixtures and corners
_______ Wash walls and touch up paint as needed

Living Areas

_______ Keep drapes and blinds open
_______ Arrange furniture to maximize space and flow of traffic
_______ Hang a mirror where it reflects outdoor light to add dimension
_______ Remove ashes from fireplace. Set logs in winter; place green or flowering plant on hearth in summer
_______ Turn on lights when a showing is scheduled


_______ Keep countertops clear
_______ Polish appliances – don’t use refrigerator as a bulletin board
_______ Degrease oven and fan hood
_______ Clean and organize cabinets
_______ Keep sink shining


_______ Brighten walls and floors with paint
_______ Clean outside of water heater and furnace
_______ Replace furnace filer
_______ If it smells or feels damp, open a bag of limestone to absorb moisture
_______ Put in bright overhead bulbs


_______ Polish fixtures and mirrors
_______ Wash shower curtain
_______ Repair caulk – clean grout
_______ Keep equipped with fresh soap and neatly hung towels
_______ Put away cosmetics/hair appliances
_______ Keep toilet lid down

Make Repairs

_______ Tighten loose doorknobs
_______ Replace washers on leaky faucets
_______ Oil squeaky hinges – nail down squeaky floorboards or steps
_______ Wax sticky drawers
_______ Get sliding door on track
_______ Replace broken windows/torn screens
_______ Open slow drains