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Preparing Your Home For Sale

As challenging as the current real estate market is, your home will sell! It comes down to two things: PRICE AND CONDITION. A well conditioned home, competitively priced, marketed by a knowledgeable agent spells SUCCESS!

Take a look at your investment with the same critical eye you will use when looking at homes in your new location. It is time to make your home as appealing as the home you wish to buy! In addition to maximizing the return on your investment, there are other benefits to having your home sold.

Before you list, prepare your home for sale. Use the following checklist as a guideline and be diligent and thorough. Most of the suggestions take good "old-fashioned" elbow grease. Some items may seem minor, but to a prospective buyer they may create a negative impression. Remember, you never get a second change to make a good first impression.

Cleanliness and roominess cannot be stressed enough. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Every cabinet, appliance, and fixture should be immaculate, inside and out. The old adage “less is more” particularly applies to your closets and other storage areas (E.g. attic, basement and garage). Crowded conditions will only suggest to the buyer that your rooms and storage space are inadequate. Throw away or store every item that doesn’t contribute positively to a favorable appearance. Ultimately you want a buyer to think, “I could move right in”.

Before making costly improvements, such as carpeting or exterior painting, call your Relocation Consultant to discuss the realistic advantages of improvements being considered. RRI can suggest other alternatives if refurbishing is not in your best interest. We understand your time limitations and demands. SCORE is designed to assist you in making cost-effective decisions that will help you sell your home quickly and at the highest possible price.

Pricing is equally as important as conditioning. We want to help you maximize your investment while selling as quickly as possible to get your family to their new home. Your Relocation Consultant will work with your broker to determine the best list price based on recent sales and current competition. Accurate pricing during the first few weeks of marketing is critical. Don’t risk losing prospective purchasers by overpricing. As yourself, "What will it take to have my house be the next one sold"?

Some of the reasons sellers overprice their homes:

  • Lack of good competitive market data
  • Want "negotiation" room when an offer is received
  • Overpaid for home
  • Not enough equity to pay-off the mortgage
  • Over improved for the neighborhood

We will help you find the best broker, determine the best listing price to sell your home quickly while maximizing your equity, develop strategies and assist with negotiation and an inspection issues, working to enhance your knowledge of the local market, your SCORE Relocation Consultant is here to help you every step of the way.

Take time to prepare, price your home competetively and turn on the lights, makes a graceful exit and let your home take center stage!