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Rental Application Checklist

The following items are generally needed to complete a lease application. You should have these items readily available when beginning the rental process.

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Income and Employment Verification for salaried employees may include:

_______ Most recent month's computerized pay stubs including year-to-date earnings (photocopies are accepted).
_______ A valid government issued picture I.D. is required to view apartments in metro-Atlanta.
_______ Employment and salary verification letter from your employer.


_______ Last two months bank statements for all account/asset management accounts.
_______ Bank name, address and account numbers.


_______ Full name and address and account numbers of lenders for car loans, personal loans, student loans and credit cards.

References / Credit Check / Security

_______ References may be required. Typically,one professional and one/two personal. Have name, address and telephone numbers ready.
_______ A credit check will be prepared at employee’s cost by one of the major reporting agencies (i.e. TRW). Typically covered by the application fee.
_______ Security deposits vary based on the property. In the Atlanta area, the typical security deposit ranges from $300.00 to $500.00. The first month's rent will be due upon lease signing along with the security deposit. You may be asked to pay the Security Deposit at the time you make applications. You may be asked to have these checks certified. A pet deposit or separate pet rent may be required.


Be prepared with $25 to $75, payable by check, for the application fee. In the event there is any information in your credit history that may be derogatory, it is your responsibility to clear each matter with the reporting agency.

Most leases begin on either the first or fifteenth of the month. However, a lease may begin on any day of the month based on the availability of the rental unit.