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SCORE has been created by Emory University and Rental Relocation, Inc. (RRI) as a recruiting tool to provide professional relocation assistance and a cash reward at no cost to candidates and new hires.

The SCORE Director of Client Services is:



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Most important of all – the Employee can’t have made contact with a Realtor at origin and/or destination or the relocation assistance package and cash reward is invalid.

  • If you have a Realtor you normally use for area tours, etc. please provide their contact information so RRI can involve them in the SCORE program.
  • The above information should be imparted to each recruit contacted.
  • Working through SCORE will ensure
    • The new hire prices the home correctly.
    • The new hire purchases wisely at destination.
    • The new hire will spend less time home finding/renting and in temporary living.
    • Spouses/partners will have a relocation resource.
    • Counseling throughout the relocation process.
    • A “go-to” person for pricing decisions, purchase questions, closing issues, etc.
    • The new hire homeowner will receive a cash reward at the end of the program (no rebate program for renters).
    • Enhanced relocation dollars at no cost to Emory.

Process information follows.

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