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The Process:

  1. ADVISE THE CANDIDATE of the SCORE program during the recruiting process.
  2. E-MAIL CANDIDATE the candidate letter and introductory brochure reminding them not to contact any Realtors without contacting the SCORE first.
  3. SEND THE AUTHORIZATION form to the e-mail address below. An experienced Relocation Consultant will be assigned to each candidate as a single-point of coordination. The Relocation Consultant will discuss the SCORE program with the candidate and arrange a paid area tour if requested. An area tour is a tour of the Atlanta area and not a house hunting tour. House hunting tours provided with the house hunting trip for new hires are free. (Atlanta Area Tours are fee based and an FSA number must be provided.)

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  4. You will be advised when the candidate has been contacted and provided with appropriate updates.
  5. If the candidate accepts an offer, and uses the SCORE program you will be advised of progress of the relocation.

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