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SCORE Rewards

Using SCORE increases the your relocation benefits!

If the services of SCORE recommended real estate agents are used for the sale and/or destination purchase of a home, you may be eligible for a cash reward of approximately .5% of the total of the sale and purchase price of the homes.

If you are interested in a cash reward, you must first contact SCORE before visiting real estate web sites or talking with real estate agents at ether origin or destination. Program eligibility may vary by state.

The program is a cash reward program funded by the referral fees from the Realtors you select to market or purchase property – you share in their commissions! Below is an example of the potential benefit. Specific calculations are available through your assigned SCORE Relocation Consultant.

Origin Home Sale Price: $350,000 Cash Reward = $2,021
Destination Home Purchase Price: $400,000 Cash Reward = $1,890
Total Cash Reward = $3,911

In order to ensure this cash reward, your Relocation Consultant must make FIRST contact with the Realtors to sell your existing home or to help you search for a home at your destination. Home values must be at least $150,000. Typically, you will receive your cash reward check(s) within 30 days of closing. Program eligibility may vary by state

This program is offered by Emory University as an added service to you to facilitate the relocation process. There is no cost to you for this service!

For more information about the SCORE program and to receive an estimate of your potential cash reward, Please contact SCORE at the number below.

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you contact a Realtor!