Concern for Business Traveler Safety Increases as Coronavirus Cases Multiply

Coronavirus SymptomsRental Relocation remains committed to keeping our Business Traveler and Global Mobility professionals in the loop, regarding the latest updates about the Coronavirus.

In recent days, you may have noticed an uptick in news reporting of Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. Several medical information outlets, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have valuable information on their websites that all corporations, government employees and military personnel should review. Simply click the links to find the latest news about travel restrictions and other changes involving domestic or international locations.

Additionally, one of our Service Partners, InternationalSOS, continues to track the spread of Coronavirus. Our contacts at ISOS stand ready to answer any questions or concerns for corporations needing an emergency plan of action. To track the latest news and updates about this pandemic, click here to visit the InternationalSOS website.

Does your company need to manage emergency Business Travel changes for your employees, whether domestically or abroad? If so, please contact our Regional Director of Client Development Beverly Bell at 404-384-5442. She will be available to take your information and get in touch with our contacts at ISOS on your company’s behalf.

Do you know of any business contacts needing assistance with their Global Mobility or Business Travelers? Feel free to share this message with them, and with your employees.