Consider an Alternate Plan for Your Short- or Long-Term Employee Housing

With the current pandemic, assignees and relocating employees are no doubt feeling uncertain about their lodging choices, with the biggest question of all: Which hotels are sanitary?”

Rental Relocation has an idea that could very will save relocation transplants and business travelers considerable worry: Change from a hotel to an apartment or private rental, and let us schedule a CDC-suggested cleaning of all surfaces – including your rental furniture, bathrooms and kitchen via a pre-move-in cleaning; ongoing housekeeping services can also be added.

Our primary goal is to make you and your employees, and the families of relocating employees, feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible.

The Rental Relocation team does all the leg work for you and your employees, regardless of the location. Additionally, we’ll handle the lease and utilities.; all that’s left for you or your employee is to show up at the leasing office and pick up the key – it’s that easy. What’s more, leasing an apartment or private rental can be much less expensive than hotel living.

Reduce the stress, and let Rental Relocation take care of the rest. Give Rental Relocation a call today at 844-737-0611 to talk to our experienced team about changing up your employee temporary living program.