WHITE PAPER: Delivering Responses on SFOs for the U.S. Military

This week, Rental Relocation closed the book on a response to an exciting opportunity to deliver temporary housing to the U.S. Military. The Solicitation For Offers (known as “Request for Proposals” or RFP in the corporate world) took weeks of hard work on behalf of several of our team members, and we are very grateful to have had an opportunity to bid for this contract.

RRI is no stranger to Government and Military SFOs – in fact, we have been a contractor for these sectors for a couple of decades. We are also eager to respond to corporate RFPs.

Given the fact that we have been in business for more than 31 years, we have had the time and experience to create our own methodology.

First, the Rental Relocation team and Subject Matter Experts read through each SFO/RFP, to make sure that we meet all the requirements put forth in the documentation. If we determined that our company matches or exceeds the requirements set forth in the solicitations, we begin to plan what team member and SME will take ownership of which part of the SFO/RFP.


  • We put together a completion timeline for all response participants to be finished with their portion
  • Once the completion deadlines are met, we review each section of our response – sometimes several times, as they can be quite lengthy
  • When everyone on the response team agrees that everything is correct and complete, we put all the documents together in print and in digital form
  • Finally, we send off our packages, preferably a few days before the deadline to turn them in

If your company or Government/Military entity has a upcoming RFP/SFO that you would like Rental Relocation to respond to, just let us know – we’ll keep an eye out for the official release of your documentation. Email us at info@rentalrelocation.com or contact us by phone toll-free at 1-844-737-0611, and we will get in touch with you within one business day.