You have just been told that your employer is sending you to another state to work at a satellite location for the next three to six months – and possibly longer. Fortunately, your company works with a top-notch Corporate Housing Provider who will find a great apartment or private rental on your behalf, and will take care of everything from renting the furniture to making sure you have everything you need for your kitchen and bathroom…even your towels and sheets will be there when you arrive.

No matter if you’re a Business Traveler or Intern, or if you are married with children or a single person without a family: Picking up and moving from one place or another for a few months or more can be stressful. There is one question you will have before setting off on an extended stay away from home:

How do I pack for this?!

Fortunately, Rental Relocation has been in the temp living business for more than three decades and have arranged for every kind of corporate housing imaginable…so we understand that just because you are going to be living in a different city/state/country for a while does not mean you cannot make yourself comfortable in your new place. The following tips can help you better prepare for life in your home-away-from-home:

  • Pack for the kind of weather your new location offers. Obviously, if you are leaving, say, Miami, and heading to Denver in November, you will probably want to leave your casual loafers or sandals behind, and pack some waterproof shoes/boots instead. The rest of your daily ensemble should follow suit. If your stay is expected to span more than one season, packing clothes that work well in layers might be your best bet.
  • Bring photos of family/friends/pets. There’s nothing like feeling at home, especially when you have a few of your favorite photos around to keep you company. Setting a couple of photos around in places where you spend your time away from work helps.
  • Scents can be helpful. Do you use any sorts of scents at home that you could bring with you? Whether it is an essential oil vaporizer, scented candles, or some of those plug-in air fresheners, any of these can help you adjust subliminally.
  • White Noise apps or machines can save the day (and night). Many of us have trouble falling asleep in new places – especially if there are noises happening that are different from the ones at home. Let your subconscious focus on something relaxing, like the sound of a gentle rain, or meditational music, rather than traffic, other people, or any other noise that can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Include your favorite sheets and/or towels. Let’s face it – when it comes to human preferences, nowhere is it more noticeable than when something is touching your skin. If you have favorite sheets and your mattress size at your destination is the same, bring the sheets that you like the most; same with bath towels… although in a corporate housing situation you are almost always provided these necessities, there’s nothing wrong with bringing what’s familiar to you.
  • Bring or purchase a small plant or two. While your bigger potted plants are usually hard to pack in a car or carry-on bag, you can still get pleasure from bringing or buying a couple of small plants for your new place. If you don’t feel like bringing them home with you when your internship, project or assignment is over, just offer them to a co-worker or friend who lives in your temporary location.
  • Buy some stuff there. Don’t think you have to pack ALL these suggestions – you can do a little shopping wherever your job will take you!

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