Rental Furniture Partners Adapt To Covid-19 Guidelines

Companies around the globe have been activating extra cleaning and sanitizing efforts during recent months, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic; Airlines, airports, rental car companies, hotels, and private rentals worldwide have kept the public informed about these efforts.

Rental furniture companies are no exception.

Our furnituCovid clean corporate apartmentre vendors who set-up furnished corporate apartments and homes on behalf of our clients  have responded to the coronavirus situation and have improved their own cleaning and sanitizing standards.

Take the mattress sanitizing process, for example – one of our main rental furniture partners go through a surprising process. First, each mattress is inspected onsite by certified representatives of the company prior to being sealed up and loaded onto the delivery truck. Next, mattresses are thoroughly inspected again upon delivery at every warehouse.

Here’s where the process gets interesting: The final step involves unwrapping the mattress and treating them with a commercial sanitizing solution prior to placing the mattresses on large wheeled metal racks which are rolled into a giant oven and treated for several hours with high heat. (To picture this, imagine a room with many vertical slots similar to the design of a multi-slice toaster.) After the entire process, the mattresses are re-wrapped and shipped to the appropriate rental apartment or home.

And that’s just the mattresses. There are other steps that our furniture providers take prior to packing for delivery, including:

  • Shampooing upholstery on sofas and chairs
  • Disinfecting all TV remotes and other electronic devices
  • Commercially laundering all linens, comforters, bath and kitchen mats, and kitchen and bath towels
  • Running all glasses, dishware and silverware through commercial dishwashers equipped with high-temperature controls

Pick-up and delivery protocols for our rental furniture providers has also been stepped up. Warehouse and delivery teams wear masks and gloves into not only their workplace, but also each apartment and home, and use EPA-approved commercial cleaners on all surfaces they touch when arriving for a set-up. Additionally, Rental Relocation’s vendors perform daily temperature checks on warehouse employees and delivery team members, and will not allow employees to work if they are experiencing any sign of illness.


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