AFR Furniture Rental

This month’s Service Partner of the Month is a company that Rental Relocations has partnered with for at least fifteen years: AFR Furniture Rental. AFR opened its doors in 1975 in Philadelphia, PA, as a local residential furniture company; today, it is a national company with five divisions from which to serve clients:

AFR Furniture Rental

One of AFR’s recent installations

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Special Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Clearance Centers

The reasons for AFR’s success over the last 45 years is clear, according to Jennifer Bafford, CCHP, the Director of National Accounts. “This stems from our ability to make quick decisions without causing unnecessary hassle for our clients. It’s also no secret that we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and the company-wide consistency of our team,” she said.

AFR provides an affordable and flexible online home and apartment furniture rental process, and performs apartment/home staging furniture for rent, including accessories and accent pieces for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

AFR also offers affordable and complete packages for student housing, including dorms, suites, or apartments, with flexible lease terms. And if your needs include electronics, such as TVs and internet hardware, they provide those too.

“Our relationship with Rental Relocation is stellar,” Bafford said. “It helps that we both share the same goal of providing customers with the first-rate comfort they’ve come to expect from us.”

When asked what the biggest misconception about rental furniture is, Bafford said that some people do not see the advantages.

AFR-furnished bedroom“They think furniture rental can’t possibly be stylish, affordable, or simple and fun to shop for,” she said. “Upon closer examination, the truth is the exact opposite. In many ways the benefits of renting furniture outweigh those of traditional ownership. And that’s what we’re here to show the world!”


To learn more about our partnership with AFR, call Rental Relocation toll-free at 1-844-737-0611 or email us at

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