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WHITE PAPER: Response to an SFOs for the U.S. Military

WHITE PAPER: Delivering Responses on SFOs for the U.S. Military This week, Rental Relocation closed the book on a response to an exciting opportunity to deliver temporary housing to the U.S. Military. The Solicitation For Offers (known as "Request for Proposals" or RFP in the corporate world) took weeks of hard work on behalf of several of our team members, and we are very grateful to have had an opportunity to bid for this contract. RRI is no stranger to Government and Military SFOs – in fact, we have been a contractor for these sectors for a couple of decades.

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Rental Relocation sources a host of property types to align with length of stay, budget, business need, and other critical client considerations, including:


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    Along with being known for its tourist attractions, Sacramento, California is an amazing city to live in. Here at Rental Relocations, we make it our mission to make sure you get access to the best corporate rentals in Sacramento. Several things make this city great. 

    There are many places to visit, so much history to learn, and some of the best food in the state of California. And not to mention, it is 10% safer than other big cities in America. At RRI, we will do our best to find amazing temporary rental options and make your stay as stress-free as possible.

    At Rental Relocations, it is our goal to make your extended stay in Sacramento, California memorable and amazing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. Until then, we look forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing Rental Relocations.

    The city of Sacramento has so much to offer. There are 28 different museums in the city alone. These include the California State Railroad Museum, Crocker Art Museum, and the California Automobile Museum.

    There are also many things to do if you’re active. With over 55 hiking trails in and around the city, Sacramento is the perfect place for you. Or you can take part in tours such as the Scavenger Hunt Walking Tours which takes place in Sacramento Capitol Park. 

    And if you enjoy indoor activities, no problem! You can visit Sacramento Pipeworks Climbing, and Fitness, various escape rooms, and many tours that take place indoors. Tours like the Downtown Sacramento Historical Food Tour are always a great option, especially if you want to try new things.

    Home to over 100 restaurants and bars, there is never a dull moment in this city. With a variety of bars, clubs, and karaoke lounges, there’s a place for everyone in Sacramento, Ca. Along with the numerous restaurants, there are a variety of cultural foods as well as classic American food.

    There are many business centers and office rental spaces in the city centers like Pacific Workplaces and Citizens Business Center are a few of the many business centers in Sacramento. If necessary, RRI will secure a short term rental in the city near these centers so you will be close to work.

    For our sports enthusiasts, Sacramento is home to the Sacramento Kings. Be sure to visit the Golden 1 Center and catch a game with your colleagues! If requested, we are more than happy to make sure your furnished apartment in Sacramento is near this stadium so you never miss an event.

    At RRI we honor our military, so we guarantee the best military housing in Sacramento near your military base of choice. Some of those bases include Sacramento MEPS and B. T. Collins U. S. Army Reserve.

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    Regardless of where an employee needs to be, Rental Relocation will find the perfect solution for your Global Mobility or Business Traveler staff. For domestic or international placements, long-term or 30+ day stays, and in metropolitan locations or small towns, RRI will find exactly what you’re looking for.



    The team at Rental Relocation is heavily involved in industry organizations and events, keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ideas, innovation, business trends, changes in legislation and other critical information in the industry. Our employees take an active role by participating on committees or as board members in these organizations to help drive membership, education, and content. If you have a topic of interest that you want to talk with us about or want us to explore for you and your team, give us a call.


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    “Amazing service. Very friendly and always made sure I was able to stay on top of things, even with how busy and hectic my life was at the time.”

    - Kristen R., Temporary Housing Resident

    “We have utilized the resources and services of Rental Relocation in excess of seven years, and we’ve consistently received “second-mile service” from their team! RRI’s professionalism, response time and rates set the standard in the long-term corporate housing industry…our working relationship with RRI has grown into a true business partnership between our companies.”

    – Mitchell H., Travel Service Partner

    “Consummate professionals. Responsive, timely and readily available. Relocated twice now, and both moving in and moving out have totally removed my concerns for relocating my wife and I, and the issues that come along after. I focus solely on my job, and that alone is excellent.”

    - Curtis H., Transferee

    Approximately 10 years ago, I began to use InterLink’s relocation management services. Since our partnership began, I have been impressed with their business model for various reasons: Their business model aligns with our company; outstanding customer service is their motto, and they practice it; they are comfortable in providing customized services on a case-by-case basis; if they predict relocation challenges, they communicate proactively to minimize surprises; and most importantly, our employees rave about their excellent experiences.

    - Terence N., Director of Employee Relations

    “Sue, Ginger, and Sonya were very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable about the process, and with my situation. I was part of the relocation program/process for approx.. two years, and it was hassle-free, responsive, and proactive to my needs/concerns. Great experience!”

    - Curtis H.
    “The process was smooth on a condensed timeline. Goods arrived very quickly and the teams were responsive.”
    – Samantha H., Renter







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