What is Corporate Housing and When is it Needed?

November 18, 2022

If you need to find a place to stay, on a temporary basis and for more than a week, you may want to consider a corporate housing short-term rental. This is especially true for those who are relocating and in the stage where you have to live and work in one city, but your current home is in another city and the distance is too great for commuting. This in-between phase of a relocation can present challenges, so many find it easier and much more comfortable to secure temporary furnished housing in the new location.

There are an assortment of corporate housing solutions and terms that are commonly used such as:

• Corporate Housing
• Furnished Apartment
• Temporary Living
• Short-term Rental
• Extended-stay Hotel
• Temporary Furnished Rental
• Serviced Apartment
• Vacation Rental

What is included in a furnished short-term rental?
Corporate housing is a full-service solution and comes with everything you would need to live and be comfortable including access to amenities; such as Wi-Fi, cable TV, parking, 24-hour customer service, the apartment often will provide you with access to the community business center. A furnished rental typically comes set up with the following, but the set up can also be customized depending on your specific needs, such as adding a desk and chair for those who need to work from home.

Furniture & Electronics Package

Living Room Furniture
Dining Table & Chairs
Media Console & Smart TVs
Beds, dressers, nightstands, chairs
Lamps, clocks, ironing board, iron, and vacuum
Washer and Dryer

Housewares Package

Bed comforter, blanket & sheets
Bathroom Towel Sets
Shower Curtain
Bathroom Rug
Closet Hangers

Kitchen & Miscellaneous

Plate and bowl sets
Glasses, coffee mugs
Mixing and Storage Bowls
Cutlery and knives sets
Spoons, spatula, bottle openers
Pots, Pans, Baking sheets
Colander and Measuring Cups
Dish Towels and Potholders

Why would I select a furnished apartment?
A furnished apartment is geared towards residents who only need housing on a short-term basis and since it is furnished with dishes and linens, there’s no need to move from place to place as there would be if you stayed in a hotel. You can stay in a more spacious unit and have the ability to come and go without having to check-in and out as you would with a hotel stay. In addition, this type of arrangement allows for you to leave your personal items and food in the unit which can make travel home so much easier. Residents will often have access to community amenities, which might include swimming pool, fitness center, lounges, and outdoor spaces. Sometime, your needs will change during the relocation process, and you may find that you require additional bedrooms and/or the ability to have your pet reside with you. Short-term rentals allow you to easily make adjustments as your transition needs change.

How can Rental Relocation Help?
Rental Relocation, Inc. (RRI) is a leader in the corporate housing industry, delivering exceptional furnished housing and meaningful savings to our clients. RRI provides short-term housing solutions to support temporary housing needs for families relocating, interns, US Government, and US Military. At RRI, we take immense pride in delivering the right short-term housing solutions to our clients, one employee at a time. Contact us today at 844-737-0611 or info@rentalrelocaton.com.