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Corporate Housing Search

RRI Provides Lodging Options for Crew and Extended Stay Business Travel.

The team at Rental Relocation recognizes there are countless reasons that lead to crew and business travel. Finding the right suitable and comfortable experience for each traveler is our top priority.

We provide services that a traditional travel provider just cannot duplicate. Our combination of corporate apartments, private rentals, hotels, and extended stay properties is unique in the industry and can help make your lodging options more flexible and dynamic. The result is a lodging solution that provides you with a wide array of property types to select from and a greater possibility to achieve meaningful savings. When your choice is hotels our team is highly proficient in negotiating group and long-term rates.

Our team’s knowledge of this broad lodging landscape generates creative solutions that can significantly improve the employee experience and generate dollar savings back to your bottom line. The case study below points to this topic.


RRI accepted the challenge from a national brand restaurant chain that was opening a new store in a new region. Roughly 300 employees would need to be on site over the span of 4 months. These employees would cycle in on rotations, team A of 50 employees might start the wheels in motion for the first 6 weeks then other subsets of teams would rotate in and out to complete phases along the way until the store was ready to open. Historically they used hotels for such an event which made it very arduous to manage and extremely expensive. The reservation process was hard to keep up with, dealing with employees ever changing arrival dates or departure dates was an impossible feat, auditing the hotel invoices was very challenging as every invoice looked different and rates didn’t agree with what they had expected etc.

Our team proposed a solution utilizing corporate apartments and ended up saving the Client 34% on their lodging expense for this one single grand opening event. We worked closely with the client to understand their business requirements and rotational cycle. We designed a program that would require just 52 apartment units over the 4 months. The massive administrative burden the client was facing was dramatically diminished. More importantly the employees went from 250-300 sq ft of living space to 750-1,100 sq. ft. of living space with full size refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, small living room with big screen TV in a secure residential setting.

The client had instances of multiple shifts during the day so employee A and employee B could share a unit and only bump into each other on their planned days off. RRI managed all the rotations, inspections, cleaning, move ins and outs. One employee would leave, and another would move into the unit right behind them. RRI provided standardization of the entire process. Regardless of which apartment the employee was placed, the process was seamless and employee friendly. The client enjoyed the direct billing and standardized process. This entire project netted the client 34% in dollar savings not to mention the soft savings they experienced in man hours to manage the process using hotels.

Below are some KEY BENEFITS this client experienced:

  • Savings in excess of 30%
  • One MASTER LEASE agreement
  • Single point of contact for the traveler
  • Dedicated account team for the Client
  • Direct bill privileges
  • Standardization of the reservation process
  • Improved living arrangement for the employees
  • Ongoing support for the traveler with scheduled checkpoints

Our team operates with pinpoint accuracy to ensure the utilities are connected, the deposits are in place, lease management is performed, and the property is move-in ready for your travelers. During the stay, we closely monitor the lease/contract to avoid any penalties for early or late departure. Upon departure, we will thoroughly clean the unit top to bottom, and handle the necessary paperwork to retrieve any deposit money.

On the back end, we audit every vendor invoice on your behalf to ensure accuracy, completeness, and agreed-upon amounts. Our robust reporting system will give you visibility to the lodging activity so you can see the present, analyze the past, and better prepare for the future.

If you have project work, crew travel, business travel or VIPs that just need the space let us do the homework for you to find the perfect option for your traveler.

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Still have questions about designing the right lodging program for your company?


Relocation Temporary Housing
Relocation Temporary Housing

Our experienced team has an innate working knowledge of the temporary housing landscape to deliver you the best suitable options for your transferees and assignees. We are experts in aligning temp living solutions with your relocation policy dollar and length of stay limits. Whether you need a furnished apartment in NYC, a private rental in Toronto, or a hotel for two weeks in Sacramento, our team will help turn your business need and vision into reality.

Business Travel Corporate Housing
Business Travel Corporate Housing

RRI can help turn your lodging program into a dynamic and flexible short-term housing solution. Our team carries a long and proven history of successfully sourcing furnished apartments, private rentals, hotels, and other extended-stay properties that align with our client’s budget and business objectives. Whether you have project work, crew travel, or extended stay business travel, you will find our staff dedicated to securing the right fit for your employees.

Short-Term Housing
Short-Term Intern Housing

We know how important it is to attract the best possible talent. We work diligently to ensure temporary housing reflects the Company image you want to project. RRI is experienced with a wide variety of complexities intern housing presents, including group size, rural placement, and scattered locations. As with all our short-term housing solutions, we will source multiple property types, such as Furnished Apartments or University-Style housing.

Military & Govt. Furnished Housing
Military & Govt. Furnished Housing

Rental Relocation is honored to provide furnished housing solutions to the men and women serving our country. RRI has specialized in Govt. & Military temporary housing since 2004, resulting in more than $100M in awarded contracts. The services we provide are performed with a diligent focus on the needs of each military and civil servant. Our team has an in-depth working knowledge of the policies, procedures, and contracting needs specific to Govt. & Military personnel.


Trending Locations

Regardless of where an employee needs to be, Rental Relocation will find the perfect solution for your Global Mobility or Business Traveler staff. For domestic or international placements, long-term or 30+ day stays, and in metropolitan locations or small towns, RRI will find exactly what you’re looking for.



The team at Rental Relocation is heavily involved in industry organizations and events, keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ideas, innovation, business trends, changes in legislation and other critical information in the industry. Our employees take an active role by participating on committees or as board members in these organizations to help drive membership, education, and content. If you have a topic of interest that you want to talk with us about or want us to explore for you and your team, give us a call.


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“Amazing service. Very friendly and always made sure I was able to stay on top of things, even with how busy and hectic my life was at the time.”

- Kristen R., Temporary Housing Resident

“We have utilized the resources and services of Rental Relocation in excess of seven years, and we’ve consistently received “second-mile service” from their team! RRI’s professionalism, response time and rates set the standard in the long-term corporate housing industry…our working relationship with RRI has grown into a true business partnership between our companies.”

– Mitchell H., Travel Service Partner

“Consummate professionals. Responsive, timely and readily available. Relocated twice now, and both moving in and moving out have totally removed my concerns for relocating my wife and I, and the issues that come along after. I focus solely on my job, and that alone is excellent.”

- Curtis H., Transferee

Approximately 10 years ago, I began to use InterLink’s relocation management services. Since our partnership began, I have been impressed with their business model for various reasons: Their business model aligns with our company; outstanding customer service is their motto, and they practice it; they are comfortable in providing customized services on a case-by-case basis; if they predict relocation challenges, they communicate proactively to minimize surprises; and most importantly, our employees rave about their excellent experiences.

- Terence N., Director of Employee Relations

“Sue, Ginger, and Sonya were very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable about the process, and with my situation. I was part of the relocation program/process for approx.. two years, and it was hassle-free, responsive, and proactive to my needs/concerns. Great experience!”

- Curtis H.
“The process was smooth on a condensed timeline. Goods arrived very quickly and the teams were responsive.”
– Samantha H., Renter







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