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Article: A Guide For Corporate Temporary Housing

You are a recent university graduate who just landed a job in another city or state, and your HR contact has informed you that part of the contract you’ve accepted includes 30 days of temporary living, until a permanent apartment, condo house or other rental can be secured. Or you are an employee who has just been temporarily reassigned to another city/state/country for six months. You might be a parent who has been permanently relocated, and your company has approved 60 days of temporary housing so you and your family can find a new home in a good neighborhood with

ARTICLE: Best Practices For Selecting A Corporate Housing Partner

ARTICLE: Best Practices For Selecting A Corporate Housing Partner © 2020 Rental Relocation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. HR and procurement professionals are some of the busiest people in most companies…that much is no secret. With all of their usual duties as they take care of employees or incoming interns in a myriad of ways, many HR and procurement are also often saddled with the additional duty of finding furnished, temporary corporate housing for employees who are relocating and need to live somewhere before their new home purchase closes, during an internship, or for those who are being placed on assignment

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Managing Intern Housing For Today’s Corporations

MANAGING INTERN HOUSING FOR TODAY'S CORPORATIONS © 2020 InterLink Relocation Resources. All Rights Reserved. This is an informational guide regarding college/university intern housing, and the opportunities and decisions available for them. This overview of the process of intern housing is created for companies who currently work in-house to set up housing or provide their interns with a Lump Sum payment to have them get settled on their own. This is also useful information for incoming interns and their parents, so they know what to expect from the intern experience. Please bear in mind, this is not offered to corporations, interns,

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